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Data-Driven Marketing Economy Tops $200 Billion

Two years ago, for the first time, the Direct Marketing Association put a number—$156 billion—on what it called the data-driven marketing economy (DDME) in the United States. Yesterday it released a follow-up report showing that data isn't just driving, it's speeding. It... Read More

2016 Canadian Direct Response Outlook: Feast or Famine

I always loathe the end of every year: end-of-year budget planning, winter business travel, and the dreaded reminder from our chirpy marketing department about submitting the New Year’s outlook (you know who you are; I’ve been hiding from you all week).

Each year, we are asked to... Read More

Digital Metrics: Should Page Views Even Be Considered?

We recently saw an article in WIRED Magazine that addressed the fact that although page views are irrelevant, they seem to hang on as a key metric when evaluating an online campaign. WIRED makes a great case for eliminating this meaningless metric once and for all:

"THE PAGE VIEW is a... Read More

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