Email Marketing

CASL: One Year Later

Inbox Marketer, a leader in email marketing, recently published this article regarding the past year and CASL. We thought you should read it:

CASL is a year old this month and the good news is that not much has changed for legitimate emarketers. Email – the old, reliable “digital workhorse” – is alive and working steady. Clickstream metrics have been relatively unaffected and legitimate marketers are still seeing great results from email. Meanwhile, the Canadian email landscape has been trimmed and the new regulations are generally keeping companies in line. In fact, the amount of spam is down by a third!

Looking Back...

A year ago there was a lot of confusion and anxiety surrounding CASL. The legislation was the focus of many corporate marketing meetings as executives wanted to be certain of compliance. Small and medium sized businesses seemed the most unprepared as many of them were receiving conflicting advice.
But the basic principles of CASL were (and are) straightforward. Email marketing is a permission medium. Marketers need to track their permission level in order to send email to recipients. And these recipients must be able to easily and quickly unsubscribe. Download the PDF