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Ontario's 2016 Winning College Marketing Students Connect @ Google Canada

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"In the Fall of 2016, Ontario Colleges Association ran their once a year "Ontario Marketing Colleges Competition" at Conestoga College in Waterloo.
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Data-Driven Marketing Economy Tops $200 Billion

Posted By: Al Urbanski
Two years ago, for the first time, the Direct Marketing Association put a number—$156 billion—on what it called the data-driven marketing economy (DDME) in the United States. Yesterday it released a follow-up report showing that data isn't just driving, it's speeding. It clocked in at $202 billion in 2014, a two-year increase of 35%, and it employed nearly a million people—650,000 more than it did in 2012. Read More

2016 Canadian Direct Response Outlook: Feast or Famine

Posted By: Pippa Nutt
Each year, we are asked to weigh in on what trends and events will shape direct response marketing—both digital and broadcast—as well as reflect on the year we are ushering out. And what a year it has been! 2015 was a definite turning point for marketing. Read More

Digital Metrics: Should Page Views Even Be Considered?

Posted By: Derek Lackey
THE PAGE VIEW is a zombie. For years, everyone has been saying it is no longer a meaningful way to measure online popularity. But the publishers who make websites and the advertisers who pay for them swore throughout the year that they’re no longer fooled. The era where a mere click is the crown jewel of metrics is dead. But someone still needs to shoot this zombie in the head.

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Unsubscribe Mechanisms Must Work Under CASL

Posted By: Derek Lackey
News that Rogers Media Inc. was fined $200,000 by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is a warning that companies doing business in Canada must ensure email unsubscribe mechanisms are compliant with anti-spam legislation Read More

CASL Survey

Posted By: Derek Lackey
At DMAC, we are trying to get a clear handle on the state of CASL compliance across all companies in Canada. Is your Compnay 100% CASL compliant? Have you significantly changed your email marketing practices since CASL began being enforced? Read More

2015 and Ad tech

Posted By: Derek Lackey
The year in ad tech can be characterised by two trends: the growing rivalry to Google’s dominance of the online advertising business; plus the ongoing consolidation in the sector, which gave rise to mobile operators re-emerging as serious contenders for ad budgets. Read More

What Keywords Are Your Potential Customers Using?

Posted By: Derek Lackey
A big piece of the inbound marketing puzzle is SEO and content. At the center of those pieces are keywords. But when I - as an Inbound Marketer - am putting together campaigns, strategies, and content calendars, I'm often asked, How can you tell people are using or searching for certain keywords? Read More

10 Ways Digital Will Transform in 2016

Posted By: Derek Lackey
Does your CEO have a bold goal for 2016? Does the goal include the word ‘digital’ or ‘transformation’ in the description? Well, if so, they’re not alone in their quest for a superior IT-­enabled competitive advantage that positions their organization for the future. Business technology investment related to digital transformation (DX) projects will constitute the majority of growth in IT­-related markets over the next five years, according to the latest IDC assessment. Read More

The Real Reason For CASL

Posted By: Derek Lackey
The CRTC has issued its first warrant under the federal government’s anti-spam legislation to take down a Toronto-based malware server in an attempt to disrupt an international network of infected computers.
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The Death of DRTV

Posted By: Robert Ian French
Pundits are all too quick to proclaim the death of "the way things are". Upon closer examination we find quite the opposite is true... Read More

CASL Compliance - Can We Share Our Email List With Our Business Partners?

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CASL allows you to share your list with your business partners, but here's why you should not. Read More