Digital Metrics: Should Page Views Even Be Considered?

Posted By: Derek Lackey
January 7, 2016
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We recently saw an article in WIRED Magazine that addressed the fact that although page views are irrelevant, they seem to hang on as a key metric when evaluating an online campaign. WIRED makes a great case for eliminating this meaningless metric once and for all:

"THE PAGE VIEW is a zombie. For years, everyone has been saying it is no longer a meaningful way to measure online popularity. But the publishers who make websites and the advertisers who pay for them swore throughout the year that they’re no longer fooled. The era where a mere click is the crown jewel of metrics is dead. But someone still needs to shoot this zombie in the head.

“We’ve talked about page views dying for ten years,” says Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next, a digital publishing trade group that represents publishers on the web, including WIRED parent company Condé Nast. “They’re not dead, but they should be.”  READ THE ARTICLE


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