Applied Innovation

Toronto, April 2014

In a world where competition forces you and your organization to race for the bottom, what is your plan to escape competition on price in order to create value for you, your brand, and your customers? Business innovation is driven by two primary goals:

1) increasing revenue, or 2) reducing costs

Unfortunately, most organizations opt for a bottom-line approach of cost reduction, optimization, and/or simple extensions of existing product lines. Fortunately or unfortunately this is a never ending process...and it is a process that each and everyone of your competitors and future competitors are engaging in right now. This is innovation purgatory.

When it comes to creating new markets and new revenue, most organizations believe that the path to innovation is risky, expensive, and ridden with failures. Those organizations all ways evaluate new initiatives by asking “how much” and “how risky”.

But what if there was a different approach? How do you fail more often with less risk???


How can you fail fast and cheap and breakthrough to new new revenue? 

We'd like to invite you to a new research and innovation service to support and increase our member's current "inside innovation" models. This is a new member service organized by DirectMAC and created in conjunction with Mayor Wilson / Launch180

We invite "early adopters" looking for a competitive advantage to submit problems for consideration and we will connect you with targeted entrepreneurs that have solved your problem, or organize a collaborative / crowdsourced program, to identify potential solutions and alternatives. Give us your most difficult, most pressing and most immediate problems. In the time it takes to get to know us over a cup of coffee, we believe we can facilitate an opportunity for you and your company to break the cycle of innovation purgatory.

This program is driven to support local entrepreneurs and as such is a no cost fully funded entrepreneurial initiative. DOWNLOAD PDF